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Adhesives, Chemicals, Dyes & Lubricants
Mfrs-Adhesives & Sealants, Mfrs-Alkalies & Chlorine, Mfrs-Carbon Black, Mfrs-Chemicals & Allied Products, Mfrs-Chemicals & Chemical Preparations, Mfrs-Cyclic Crudes, Intermediates, Organic Dyes & Pigments, Mfrs-Explosives, Mfrs-Gum & Wood Chemicals, Mfrs-Industrial Inorganic Chemicals , Mfrs-Industrial Organic Chemicals , Mfrs-Inorganic Pigments, Mfrs-Lubricating Oils & Greases, Mfrs-Printing Ink, Whol-Chemicals & Allied Products

Amusement equipment & device
Billiard Equipment & Supplies, Bleachers & Grandstands, Discotheque Equipments, Drafting Room Equipments & Supplies, Mfrs & Whol-Trophies, Mfrs-Coins & Tokens, Pottery Equipments & Supplies, Tickets & Coupons-Printers & Suppliers

Audio, Video, Motion Pictures Equipments & Services
Floodlights, Home Theatre System, Microphones, Reflectors, Scenery Studios, Sound Restoration, Studios-Rental

Barrels, boxes, bottles & cans
Bottle Caps & Seals, Bottle Return Depots, Bottlers' Equipment & Supplies, Bottles, Boxes-Plastic & Transparent, Boxes-Used, Boxes-Wooden, Metal boxes, Mfrs-Corrugated & Solid Fiber Boxes, Mfrs-Fiber Cans, Tubes & Drums, Mfrs-Folding Paperboard Boxes, Mfrs-Metal Cans & Shipping Containers, Mfrs-Metal cans and shipping containers, Mfrs-Metal Shipping Barrels & Drums, Mfrs-Nailed, Wood Boxes & Shook, Mfrs-Paperboard Boxes, Mfrs-Sanitary Food Containers, Mfrs-Wood Containers, Mfrs-Wood Pallets & Skids

Batteries & Power supply
Batteries-Dry, Mfrs & Whol-Batteries Storage, Transformers, Turbines

Castings, Dies & Moulds
Foundries, Mfrs-Special Dies & Tools

Concrete, Cement & Paving
Mfrs-Asphalt Felts & Coatings, Mfrs-Asphalt Paving Mixtures & Blocks

Doors - Wood
Doors & Mouldings

Electrical Supplies & Service
Mfrs-Carbon & Graphite Products, Mfrs-Electrical Industrial Apparatus , Mfrs-Motors & Generators, Mfrs-Power & Distribution Transformers, Mfrs-Switchgear & Switchboard Apparatus, Mfrs-Welding & Soldering Equipments

Engraving, Embossing, Plating & Lamination
Mfrs-Coating & Engraving, Mfrs-Electroplating, Plating & Polishing

General Supplies & Services
Mfrs-Bags, Mfrs-Crowns & Closures, Mfrs-Manufacturing Industries

Glass, Seals & Sealants
Mfrs-Flat Glass, Mfrs-Glass Containers, Mfrs-Glass Products, Mfrs-Pressed & Blown Glass

Heating, Cooling, Ventilations & Air Conditioning
Mfrs-Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Equipments

Hoses, Coils & Tubing
Mfrs-Rubber, Plastics Hose & Belts

Hydraulic & Pneumatics
Mfrs-Cement, Hydraulic

Instruments - General
Mfrs-Fluid Meters & Counting Devices, Mfrs-Industrial Measurement Instruments, Mfrs-Instruments Measuring Electricity & Electrical Signals, Mfrs-Laboratory Analytical Instruments, Mfrs-Measuring & Controlling Devices, Mfrs-Scales & Balances

Kiln & Ovens
Mfrs-Industrial Process Furnaces & Ovens

Machine, Machining & Machinery
Mfrs- Embroidery Machine, Mfrs-Air & Gas Compressors, Mfrs-Automatic Vending Machines, Mfrs-Fans, Blowers & Air Purification Equipments, Mfrs-Food Products Machinery, Mfrs-General Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Mfrs-Industrial Machinery & Equipments, Mfrs-Industrial Patterns, Mfrs-Internal Combustion Engines, Mfrs-Machinery & Equipments, Mfrs-Mechanical Power Transmission Equipments, Mfrs-Metalworking Machinery, Mfrs-Oil/Gas Machinery & Equipments, Mfrs-Paper Industries Machinery, Mfrs-Printing Machinery & Equipments, Mfrs-Rolling Mill Machinery & Equipments, Mfrs-Screw Machine Products, Mfrs-Service Industry Machinery , Mfrs-Special Industry Machinery , Mfrs-Special industry machinery, Mfrs-Speed Changers, Industrial High-Speed Drives & Gears, Mfrs-Steam, Gas & Hydraulic Turbines, Mfrs-Textile Machinery, Mfrs-Wood working Machinery

Metals, Metal Works & Metal Products
Aluminum Extruded Products, Aluminum Sheet, Plate & Foil, Forgings, Foundries, Metal Heat Treating, Mfrs-Die-Castings, Mfrs-Electrometallurgical Products, Mfrs-Fabricated Metal Products , Mfrs-Fabricated Structural Metal, Mfrs-Insulating of Nonferrous Wire, Mfrs-Metal Doors, Frames & Molding, Mfrs-Metal Foil & Leaf, Mfrs-Metal services, Mfrs-Misc. fabricated metal products, Mfrs-Miscellaneous Metal products, Mfrs-Miscellaneous Metal products, Mfrs-Miscellaneous Structural Metal Work, Mfrs-Platemaking & Related Services, Mfrs-Prefabricated Metal Buildings & Components, Mfrs-Primary nonferrous metals, Mfrs-Primary Production of Aluminum, Mfrs-Rolling & Drawing, Mfrs-Rolling & Drawing, Mfrs-Sheet Metal Work, Mfrs-Smelting & Refining of Nonferrous Metals, Mfrs-Springs, Stampings, Whol-Metals Service Centers & Offices

Oils, Coal, Fuels & Natural Gasses
Coal , Driling Oil / Gas Wells, Mfrs-Industrial Gases, Mfrs-Petroleum Refining, Mfrs-Products of Petroleum & Coal, Natural Gas Liquids, Oil & Gas Fields, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Whol-Petroleum & Petroleum Products

Process & Industrial Control Systems
Mfrs-Fluid Power Cylinders & Actuators, Mfrs-Relays & Industrial Controls

Specialty Equipment & Supplies
Whol-Commercial Equipments, Whol-Professional Equipments & Supplies

Stuctural & Clay Products
Mfrs-Stone, Clay & Glass Products, Mfrs-Structural Clay Products

Mfrs- Fabric Mills, Cotton, Mfrs- Fabric Mills, Fiber & Silk, Mfrs- Fabric Mills, Fiber and Silk, Mfrs-Canvas & Related Products, Mfrs-Carpets & Rugs, Mfrs-Fabricated Textile Products , Mfrs-Finishers of Textiles, Mfrs-Hosiery , Mfrs-Knit Outerwear Mills, Mfrs-Knitting Mills, Mfrs-Miscellaneous textile Goods, Mfrs-Textile Bags, Mfrs-Thread Mills, Mfrs-Yarn Spinning Mills, Mfrs-Yarn Texturizing & Winding Mills

Tools , Nuts & Bolts
Mfrs-Ball & Roller Bearings, Mfrs-Bolts, Nuts, Screws & Washers, Mfrs-Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet & Bars, Mfrs-Cutlery, Hand Tools & Hardware, Mfrs-Cutting Tools & Tool Accessories, Mfrs-Hand & Edge Tools, Mfrs-Machine Tools, Mfrs-Power-Driven Hand Tools, Mfrs-Saw Blades & Handsaws, Mfrs-Steelwire Drawing, Steel Nails & Spikes

Farm Product Warehousing & Storage, General Warehousing & Storage, Refrigerated Warehousing & Storage, Special Warehousing & Storage

Wiring & Cabling
Mfrs- Wiring Devices, Mfrs-Current-Carrying Wiring Devices, Mfrs-Misc Fabricated Wire Products, Mfrs-Wire Springs

Wood & Paper
Mfrs-Coated & Laminated Paper, Mfrs-Die-cut Paper, Paperboard & Cardboard, Mfrs-Logging, Mfrs-Lumber & Wood Products, Mfrs-Misc. converted paper products, Mfrs-Paper Mills, Mfrs-Paperboard Mills, Mfrs-Sanitary Paper Products, Mfrs-Saw & General Mills, Mfrs-Structural Wood Members, Mfrs-Wood Preserving, Mfrs-Wood Products