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Yossi Schochet, Criminal Defence Lawyer


Address : 469 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto, ON, M5M 1C6
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Mediation Services

Frank Stevens
Yossi Schochet got my charges of Impaired Care and Control plus Over 80 Care and Control were WITHDRAWN!!! He did this within THREE court appearances and a ton of hard work behind the scene. His fees were about the same as other lawyers I spoke to (fair price but not cheap - lawyers charge almost as much as plumbers)and he ended up saving me a fortune. I am so thankful I chose this lawyer. He is the one you want. I am signing my name and you can contact me, Frank Stevens
Recommended By Yossi Schochet on: 19 July 2016

Thank you for taking my case
I am writing to thank Yossi Schochet for taking my case and knocking it out of the ball park. He hit a home run by winning my case. This lawyer is really fantastic. Thanks, Nino H.
Recommended By Nino Halper on: 12 July 2015

I am lucky that I found this lawyer
I posted this on another review site and doing it here too because he was SO amazing: The price was exactly as promised, there was no "extra" charges! Mr. Schochet is an excellent advocate. If I ever need a quality criminal lawyer, I would not hesitate to use him. His office is centrally located, has free parking! I was able to call him directly on his cell which he always answered! He delivered a great out come on the criminal charges that I had. I am so very grateful that
Recommended By george kanen on: 16 May 2014

He is the lawyer you want
If you got a crimminal charge and need a lawyer - he is the one you want. Choose him if you are smart. He will win the case for you. I have no regrets that I chose him. He made me very happy.
Recommended By Larry Ross on: 29 October 2013

He saved my driver's licence when I was charged with DUI and kept me without a criminal record! That is priceless!!
Recommended By A AA on: 15 July 2013

Best Toronto Criminal Lawyer
In a word: EXCELLENT. Yossi is an excellent lawyer. I saw the other reviews and there is no need to write anything else. What you see is what you get.
Recommended By Pat Boon on: 28 April 2013

Mr Schochet provided me with his legal services and did an excellent job defending my charges. I trusted him and he did not disappoint me at all. In fact, he exceeded my expectations.
Recommended By Tim Johnson on: 06 April 2013

Yossi helped me with my criminal charges using all the fortitude and legal knowledge beyond what we could have ever expected. He championed our cause and used every legal tool he could to make my legal situation right. When you are a client of Yossi, he believes in you and he never gives up. For that we owe him much gratitude beyond being grateful. If you want an intelligent, honest, and straight shooting criminal lawyer please use Yossi Schochet, you will NEVER regret it.
Recommended By Roberto Jaun on: 03 January 2013

Mr. Yossi Schochet ROCKS
This lawyer really ROCKS! I am so happy I chose Yossi Schochet to be my lawyer. It was the best decision I ever made. I was charged with a DUI. Yossi carefully spent a week reviewing the case against me and then he told me that he is pretty sure we can win it at trial. He fought my charges of DUI and won, just as he said he would.
Recommended By Hamilton Sandhouse on: 26 November 2012

Thank you Yossi
I am writing this as my expression of thanks to Mr. Schochet for being my lawyer and taking my case. It was magical to watch Yossi win the case for me. I recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer. Thank you Yossi!
Recommended By Cynthia Johnson on: 24 October 2012

Best Criminal Lawyer
The moment I met Yossi, I knew that I am in good hands. He gave me strength to believe in my case and he won it for me. I was lucky to have such an amazing lawyer represent me in court. I bless him every day.
Recommended By Jerry Seidenfeld on: 15 October 2012

I am driving again
Losing my licence for drunk driving would mean that I can no longer work. When I was charged with impaired driving I hired Mr. Schochet. He got me my licence back and I am still driving and working. This lawyer is great.
Recommended By Singh Deepak on: 10 September 2012

Yossi Schochet is an excellent criminal lawyer. He get the job done and he does it exceptionally well. He is a very skilled lawyer. His fees are competitive and reasonable. His service is excellent.
Recommended By George Kennrick on: 02 September 2012