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Kidd Westbridge Group Inc.


Address : 1303 Spears Rd, Fort Erie, ON, L2A 4N5
Phone : 905-871-1012
Fax : 905-871-8583 | Save & Send | Share | Report Error | Print
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Description :
Investment, international trade and immigration.

Category :
Legal Services

Unethical clumsy and irresponsible
I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with James Kidd. Incidentally, he is the only one in the so called "Group".The guy is old and is always under heavy medication. He cant remember or even do simple tasks as filling up a form. Plus he is so arrogant that he refuses to accept and rectify his mistakes. The guy takes all the money in advance and refuses to take responsibility or pay the money back. has a very racist mentality and has an attitude as if he is doing a favour. If you happen to
Recommended By Akshay Shetty on: 20 January 2015