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Cdnpages.ca is a leading provider of local online advertising solutions and is a Internet-based search engine, interconnecting consumers, businesses and national advertisers. Cdnpages help consumers easily find and compare local businesses offering specific products and services, while creating revenue opportunities for local businesses. Cdnpages is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asterix Technologies Ltd.

The goal of Cdnpages is to provide small and medium-size business the helping hand they need to achieve both a presence on the Internet and consumer visibility. Business owners can choose to add photos and even video to enhance their listings, giving them an opportunity and a chance to compete in today’s market.

Our mission to local businesses is to create “Awareness” for their businesses while generating "Profit", and "Repeat" business.

The company’s online directory is reaching millions of users and helping them find valuable local business information from driving directions, hours of operation, pictures, videos and even consumer reviews.

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Why search with Cdnpages?

Cdnpages are uniquely structured and highly interactive so consumers can quickly and easily locate businesses that satisfy their needs. Unlike traditional search engines, Cdnpages makes it easy for users to narrow their search to include only those businesses that are conveniently located and offer the specific products and services they are looking for.

Our mission to our customers is to help in the process of “Searching, “Discovering” and “Connecting” with local businesses.

Cdnpages.ca The “Search, Discover, Connect” Engine…… Come and experience the Canadian(Cdn) difference.

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